How do I contact you? Just email christine (at) olyphotography.com. Text me: 360.918.3398 or just call. I typically reply within 24 hours.

How do you say ‘oly’ in olyphotography?
It’s short for Olympia so o-lee.

What is your service area? For weddings I mainly serve the entire state of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia but I am willing to travel as far as you’d like me to;) For sessions I serve Olympia, Seattle (including metropolitan areas), Tacoma, Puyallup, Montesano, Chehalis, JBLM, Bellevue, Issaquah and a radius around these general areas. If you are way out of this range, I may tack on a travel charge.

Can I bring a pet? ALWAYS! I don’t mind at all. I’m a dog person myself (I actually had to put down my first dog back in November after 12 years). Just bring a squeaky toy, treats, or something that grabs attention.

Of all the work you do, which clients do you see most?
Wedding clients.

After the session, how long does it take to get the photos back?
I strive to get them edited and ready for you between 2 and 4 weeks after a session. The only way I could get them earlier than 2 weeks is if I’m in a slow period, which only really occurs between January and March. I’m extremely busy between late April through October (wedding season). Between August and late October high school seniors inundate my schedule and families needing holiday pictures usually roll in between October through December, so please please bear with me!

If You Have a Wedding FAQ, please just email me  or you can check this page:)….i’m filling up quickly so if you have the slightest inkling you’d like me to be at your wedding, please let me know your date now.

Do I have to pay a deposit to guarantee a date? Yes. I will take a $75 deposit for sessions and the remainder is due when I come see you. Weddings I require a 30% deposit of the total cost with a signed contract. All deposits are non-refundable but if you must postpone, we can re-schedule.

Will my images come water-marked?
Yes and no. You will receive high resolution un-marked images for your personal use as well as watermarked ones (except for weddings) to post on social sites if you please. If you post online, you are required to use the watermarked ones or credit me in a text field.

What is ‘shoot and burn’ and do you do it?
Nope. Nada. Nilch. Shoot and burn refers to basically taking the pictures then burning them straight to CD without editing. I take all my images in RAW format & edit each one prior to turning them into a JPEG & burning them to disc. When a photographer ‘shoots and burns’ they do not correct bad lighting/white balance, remove blemishes, turn the image into something more creative, etc.

What Do I Wear??? This question is asked over and over again. Once you schedule a session I will send you a link with some tips/ideas but you are more than welcome to ask me. I love complementary colors. Big no-no’s: items with big logos/brand names, shimmery/metallic materials (causes strange reflection sometimes), items with rips/stains (duh), revealing items, see-through items. I like classy and neat/clean-cut looks.

Do I have to order prints from you? Nope! If you like my work, just buy the disc of fully edited files and print & post online to your heart’s desire. You’re more than welcome to order prints if you prefer to have your images on archival-grade papers, metallic papers, giclee papers, on canvas, metal, etc. Discs are always included in the price of weddings packages.

Do you travel? Yes! If your location is outside my service area I will tack on a small charge based on miles and travel time. I am willing to drive anywhere in WA, ID and OR but if you are outside this area flight and lodging will be applied. If your event goes late into the evening, I may tack on a lodging charge based on how far I am away from home.

Can I Use My Photos Online (like Facebook)?
Yes, if you purchase the disc of all your edited images you can use your images online etc. Once you purchase the disc you’ve purchased the copyright. If you do not purchase the copyright you are not allowed to use the images whatsoever. Please do not try to right-click and save images (it’s disabled on my site) and do not screen-shot your images. When you take an image from my site without permission, not only are you creating a very low resolution unusable file for yourself, you’re STEALING.

Do you have props? Tons! Most of my props are geared towards young girls: headbands, hats, vintage knick knacks, etc. I have lots of newborn props: crocheted hats, decorative bed, swaddling sheets, headbands, knit wraps, etc.

Do you guarantee the number of photographs? I don’t like to guarantee a number because each situation is different but I strive to provide as many photographs possible. I work very fast during a shoot to make the time we have the most. Portraits I strive for 40-60 per hour of shooting (I have never come up with less than 30), newborns I strive for 30-50, weddings I strive for at least 75+ per hour of shooting but it all depends because all situations are different. Engagement sessions can easily yield 60-100.

What types of payment do you accept? Cash, check, credit cards via Paypal (3% will be charged for credit card transaction, sorry!).

Will you teach me?
Yes! If you are getting into photography, I can surely help you understand your camera & lenses though I do charge an hourly rate of $375. It will help if you list out items that you’d like to know.  I will not cover post-production techniques (image enhancements in photoshop).

What’s Your Style? Hmmmmm…..first of all I prefer natural lighting. I’ve been told my images look ‘clean’ with an artistic touch. I’m definitely not a strobist and will pull out a flash only when in dire need. As far as image enhancements, I stick with a modern look with a pop of color. I can also make your photo look like it was taken in the 70s or as if it was taken with a lomographic camera, just ask! I love the digital darkroom!!

So what’s so special about the camera you use….I have a dslr too. This is a fully loaded question but first thing is first, I use a professional dslr not a consumer-friendly one you can easily get at places like Costco that contain numerous automatic settings. I set my settings myself for increased creativity including my own custom white balance after I test the lighting we’re standing in, aperture, ISO, exposures based on lighting at location, etc. I also use professional lenses (i have a collection of what i consider top-notch lenses) that allow for even more creativity. Please see Why Custom Photography for a full explanation.



































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